NCES -Wetlands

Types of Projects

The following is a list of project types that represent North Country Ecological Services' professional capabilities for the management of environmental liabilities:

  • Golf Courses
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Industrial Parks
  • Municipal Reservoir Systems
  • Commercial Developments
  • "Big Box" Development
  • Athletic Field Development
  • Landfill Development
  • Wetland Construction, Monitoring, and Permits

NCES Project Profiles

Philips Medical Goose Abatement Project (2008)

Philips Medical Goose Abatement
Detention pond where geese would congrigate. Netting and scare tape are put in place to keep them from staying.

Philips Medical Goose Abatement
The seven geese from the adjacent property that took the liberty to walk onto the Phillips Medical property.

The Philips Medical facility expanded its operation to facilitate the design and construction of state-of-the-art open , MRI machines. NCES handled all of the wetland permitting and wetland mitigation for the expansion project. This facility is located adjacent to the Albany International Airport and like most corporate facilities, manicured lawns and detention ponds are necessities. However, they attract Canada Geese.

Being directly adjacent to the airport, the geese are not only a nuisance, but a liability. Philips Medical contracted NCES as wildlife specialists to design and implement a goose control plan for their property. In 2008, there were up to 100 Canada Geese on the property.

NCES utilized non-lethal innovative measures and management techniques to deter geese from utilizing the property and in 2009, only 14 geese utilized the property. 7 were a nesting pair that walked in from an adjacent property.

NCES continues to work with Philips medical to manage the nuisance goose problem on their property and reduce plane/bird impacts at the airport.

Waterford Nature Preserve (2007)

Waterford Nature Preserve
The final product of the wetland that was created by NCES.

The preserve is a unique area for one of NCES’s clients. The client purchased the property for the sole purpose of “banking” wetland mitigation for various projects his engineering firm is involved with.

NCES has designed, planted and monitored over 1.5 acres of created wetland on the property. In addition, NCES implemented biological control of invasive species on the property to control invasive wetland plants from becoming established in the existing wetlands as well as the newly created wetlands. NCES has designed additional wetland creation areas on the site in preparation of future development and mitigation needs.